The 3rd of July matches the international plastic bag free day. Each of us can make a huge difference in how we impact the environment around us. Plastic bags are not easily decomposed and contribute towards the degradation of the environment. A plastic bag can take from 15 to 1,000 years to break down, depending on environment. Here is a look at 10 reasons why plastic bags are not ideal.

Easy to Store

Stack the bags up on top of each other and keep them in a corner of your pantry, or a kitchen drawer. This way you can easily access them before your weekly grocery trip.

Less Bags

Reusable bags can carry a lot more items than a plastic bag, which means less hassle when you have a big load of groceries. Instead of ten different bags, you probably only need a few reusable bags to get the job done.


This is often overlooked, but seeing someone use these bags makes others want to join in. It becomes more socially acceptable to care about the environment.


You can use these bags for anything, such as storing old clothes and papers around the house or keeping dirty clothes in one place before adding them to the laundry machine.


It is not uncommon for ice-cream to melt and leak out of the container, or the juices from vegetables to seep out of their plastic bags. When this stuff gets on your car seat, it is a problem to clean. With reusable bags, all leaks stay within the bag.

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Expanding on the previous point, reusable bags are easy to wash or wipe down with a damp cloth. This keeps them clean, even if food gets on them on occasion.

Less Germs

Do you know where plastic bags have been before they enter your home and touch your food? No. With reusable bags, you know exactly where the bag is sitting, which leads to far fewer germs.


A reusable bag is not going to tear for a long time. These bags are incredibly durable. You can probably use them to carry your groceries for years before needing a replacement.


Even if you try and recycle these bags, you are risking contamination when certain plastics mix together.


It takes the same amount of petroleum to drive one kilometer in your car, as it takes to make seven plastic bags. This is another example of unnecessary waste, because reusable bags are just as effective as plastic ones, if not more.

How do you help in keeping your environment clean?

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