November is Diabetes awareness Month. For the millions of us who are at risk for it, it’s a time to get educated, find resources and make sure all those around us are aware of their risk, too. Bellow are 15 easy ways to lower blood sugar levels naturally for diabetic patients.

Lose Some Weight

Keeping a healthy weight and waistline will help you maintain normal blood sugar levels and decrease your risk of developing diabetes.

Eat Fenugreek Seeds

Consider giving fenugreek seeds a try. They are easy to add to your diet and can help regulate blood glucose levels.

Try Berberine

Berberine works well for lowering blood sugar levels and can help manage diabetes. However, it may have some digestive side effects.

Experiment With Cinnamon Extract

Cinnamon has been shown to reduce fasting blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity.

Try Apple Cider Vinegar

Adding apple cider vinegar to your diet can help your body in many ways, including reducing blood sugar levels.

Eat Foods Rich in Chromium and Magnesium

Eating foods rich in chromium and magnesium on a regular basis can help prevent deficiencies and reduce blood sugar problems.

Get Enough Quality Sleep

Good sleep helps maintain blood sugar control and promote a healthy weight. Poor sleep can disrupt important metabolic hormones.

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Monitor Your Blood Sugar Levels

Checking your sugars and maintaining a log every day will help you adjust foods and medications to decrease your sugar levels.

Control Stress Levels

Controlling stress levels through exercise or relaxation methods such as yoga will help you control blood sugars.

Choose Foods With a Low Glycemic Index

It’s important to choose foods with a low glycemic index and watch your overall carb intake.

Implement Portion Control

The more control you have over your serving sizes the better control you will have over your blood sugar levels.

Drink Water and Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated can reduce blood sugar levels and help prevent diabetes. Water is best.

Increase Your Fiber Intake

Eating plenty of fiber can help with blood sugar control, and soluble dietary fiber is the most effective.

Control Your Carb Intake

Carbs are broken down into glucose, which raises blood sugar levels. Reducing carbohydrate intake can help with blood sugar control.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise increases insulin sensitivity and helps your muscles pick up sugars from the blood. This can lead to reduced blood sugar levels.

What else do you do to control your sugar level?

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