A helper is a beautiful thing to be. It’s amazing to be there for those in need and help bring out the best in them. Interestingly, being a helper is also beneficial to you, so you’ll also have a better life. While your motivations are selfless, it’s always nice to learn that some of that good karma comes back to you. But how can you achieve that? Here are 4 ways to become a better helper for a fulfilling life.


Being grateful and appreciative towards others can sound like something that doesn’t affect much. In reality, it’s a powerful way to help others. Yes, it sounds odd that the act of being thankful for help could be, in turn, helpful. But there isn’t much appreciation going on in the world, and making sure you do what you can to upend that trend is wonderful. Appreciation and gratitude aren’t just positive for others. These traits are known to provide improvements to your well-being. Being grateful changes the way you perceive the world and shows you all the good it holds, which is a very fulfilling experience. Here are some examples of how being appreciative makes you a better helper: recognize them, provide honest feedback and say “thank you”.


The things that you’ve built and earned throughout your life are things that are uniquely yours. They may have been things that look a lot of hard work to earn, or they may be things precious to you. Sharing the things you have and know is an incredible way to be more than just the average helper.
It can be hard for some people to share advice like this due to a fear of competition, but learning to want the best for other people genuinely is a fantastic way to be a better helper while building your own life fulfillment. Here are some ways you can do this: be a mentor, introduce someone to a contact and offer advice.

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Charity work seems like an undeniable way to be a helper, but people often don’t realize how much more they can learn and grow through these activities. Learning to be a better helper can be done by helping more and more, and charity groups and organizations are excellent at teaching you how to be more helpful.


Being a good listener sounds like a simple concept on the surface. Unfortunately, it’s a difficult skill that’s not quite as easily done as it is said. People often underestimate what is involved in being a listener, which is why a lot of people are grateful to those who truly listen. As cliche, as it sounds, sometimes just being there for someone and listening to them is all you need to do to be a good helper to them. These listening skills are precious and will teach you about the value of understanding, empathy, and compassion in your life.

What else could you help others with?

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