5 Benefits Of Cycling To Work

Since the 6th of August marks the Cycle to work day, read bellow tips for trading those four wheels in for two and opt for a bike commute.

You’ll help protect the environment

All that driving isn’t just bad for you, it’s also a major source of carbon emissions. In Canada in 2017, passenger cars and light trucks gave off 85.1 megatonnes of greenhouse gases. That was nearly 12% of all the emissions in Canada that year. The average 50-minute roundtrip Canadian commute adds to that figure. Switching to a green commute, like cycling, shrinks your carbon footprint and keeps the environment cleaner for everyone.

You’ll improve your mental health

A breezy, active commute can enhance your mood. The mental-health benefits of regular physical activity go beyond boosting your mood. Moderate-to-vigorous physical activity daily is enough to lower the risk of depression, and some studies suggest physical activity can help in managing or treating depression.

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You’ll lower your risk of diabetes and cancer

The physical activity of a bike commute can help keep you healthier for longer. Cycling is just like any type of physical activity, regular physical activity provides health benefits such as improvements in heart health and a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes. It also lowers the risk of certain cancers, including breast and colon cancer, and fosters a healthier body weight. New research also suggests that the more you cycle, the greater the heart benefits and the lower your type 2 diabetes and colon cancer risk.

You’ll boost your heart health and muscle strength

Starting and ending your day with an active commute can enhance your overall fitness. It is recommended that adults get 2.5 hours of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity each week and cycling to work counts. Researchers in Japan and the United States found cycling improves heart fitness, and helps increase muscle mass and strength. That was especially true for older people.

You’ll save money by bike commuting

You’re paying a premium for the privilege of sitting in traffic during your commute. Consider the gas price plus depreciation, parking or insurance. Compare that to the cost of an annual bike tune-up, which can be less than $100.

What is the biggest challenge you encounter when driving to work?

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