Manipulators are skilled and experienced schemers who will conceal their real motive: getting what they want – and at any cost. The selfish nature of a manipulator is sometimes hard to see until you’ve become too involved. Again, manipulators are adept schemers; they understand the importance of gaining your trust. Here are 6 behaviors manipulators will hide from you.


For someone so “tough,” a manipulator sure is quick to turn into a sheep when their motives are uncovered. Call a manipulator out on something and odds are they will either play the victim or blame someone. See, manipulators are deluded and egotistical to the point of thinking that nobody is smart enough to keep up with them. Bear in mind that someone, probably multiple people, have already burst their deluded bubble.


In true narcissistic fashion, manipulative people will seek out any perceived sensibilities and sensitivities. While most others truly admire and respect such personality traits, manipulators see them as a weakness; something to exploit. As such, they will cater to the goodhearted nature of others, and even reciprocate some benevolent feelings. Kind people may befriend the chameleon, only to – slowly – see them change colors. Once you see the chameleon begin to change colors, you are better off backing away. Yes, you are a nice person – but this isn’t a time for niceties.


To prevent being taken advantage of by a manipulator (or anyone of ill will) requires you to tap into your counterintelligence skills. Manipulators are a crafty enemy – and some will conceal their intentions and their actions smartly.
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Crowding into your space – physically, emotionally, psychologically, or spiritually – is of no concern to them. The lack understanding about what personal space and identify mean, or just don’t care, permitting this behavior will likely result in someone being left in a tired and weakened state. If the manipulator detects this, which they probably will, they’ll push your boundaries even further. Don’t allow it! Put your foot down! Whether the person is a certifiable manipulator or not is irrelevant – do not tolerate someone who violates your space.


To be catty in gossip is to be subtly or indirectly insulting. Unsurprisingly, manipulators enjoy engaging in this drivel. You see, manipulators – aside from being liars – are also cruel, malicious, and narcissistic. These personality traits are particularly evident when they feel someone has ‘wronged’ them in some way. Once you’ve uncovered their real character, just ignore them. Trust that reasonable people will do the same.


Manipulators are many things, but dumb isn’t usually one of them. They will quickly drain people’s energy in their selfish pursuits; for example, asking for help and advice only to do what they want anyway. Give a manipulator an inch, and they’ll take a mile.

Have you dealt with a manipulator before?

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