Of course, not everyone who gives off “creepy” vibes is actually dangerous to be around. But if you recognize even one of the signs someone is untrustworthy, take time to consider who this person is, and whether they have your best interests at heart. Bellow are signs that you need to overview this relationship.


They Can’t Handle Negative Feedback

As with apologizing, it’s common for people to feel uncomfortable when hearing any type of feedback. But for those who are unsafe to be around, chances are they’ll react to it by lashing out. People with more narcissistic traits will tend to derive their sense of worth from positive feedback from the people and situations around them, which is why even constructive criticism will be experienced as an attack.

They Can’t Control Their Emotions

If someone is dangerous to be around, one key giveaway is that they won’t be able to control their emotions. And it likely won’t be long before you notice a pattern in how they interact with others. For example, if you’re on a date and they start yelling at the server, that’s a sure sign they aren’t worth your time — for multiple reasons. Same goes for telling stories about how they “blow up” all the time at work, or seek revenge for small misunderstandings.

They Don’t Listen When You Say “No”

If it feels like they are trying to increase the intensity of your relationship faster than you are comfortable with, don’t brush it off. This might include not listening when you say “no,” or pressuring you to change a “no” into a “yes.” If you feel uncomfortable around them as a result, no matter the situation, give yourself permission to believe it’s as bad as it seems — and then make moves to leave.

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They Open Up Too Quickly

If you only just met someone and they’re already revealing all the skeletons in their closet, there’s a chance they’re not trustworthy or stable, Not only does it show a lack of boundaries, but it can easily get out of control. Basically, if someone is willing to pile all that on you within the first few minutes of meeting, it may mean they don’t have total control over themselves or their actions. At the very least, consider it a red flag.

They Dominate The Conversation

While some people just like to talk, manipulators will try to dominate entire conversations. This ‘over talking’ involves auditory space invasion and other paralanguage factors that show they are in control. They are often quite charming and good storytellers, so it may be hypnotic to listen to them.

They Don’t Break Eye Contact

When it comes to manipulative people, many have a habit of staring intensely at others. They look at their target with [a] focused, intense gaze, usually as a way to test boundaries. They may do or say something uncomfortable right before or after the hypnotic gaze to test how the target responds. To figure out if the situation really is unsafe. Try breaking eye contact or moving away in order to see how they react. If they get upset, or you feel a huge amount of relief, your intuition was likely correct.

Have you experienced any of the signs above?

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