Wild rocket contains a range of health-promoting properties. Due to their nutritional contents, they my bring benefits to human body. Some of these benefits are included in the list below.

Protect liver

Wild rocket contains antioxidant and also chlorophyll which popular as natural body cleanser. Those substance can help the body to purify the blood from toxin and other substance so it ease the liver function and work.

Promotes healthy hair

People who take wild rocket or arugula juice can prevent hair loss that caused by viral infection since it contains anti-inflammatory properties. It also can help to prevent hair thinning and promotes healthy hair growth.

Prevent ulcer

A study which published in World journal of gastroenterology reported that wild rocket just like the cultivated one have anti-ulcer properties that can protect the stomach and prevent it from gastric ulcer.

Cleansing colon

Wild rocket leaves is a natural colon cleansing agent that can help to clean the colon from harmful toxin and flush it away from the body. As we know that colon is a place where stool and digestion waste is formed, colon may get dirty and contains many toxin that can be harmful. Not only cleanse the colon. wild rocket also can promotes the good bacteria growth inside the colon.

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Fight inflammation

Wild rocket contains high antioxidant and they can also act as anti-inflammatory properties such as indole-3-carbinol and isothiocyanates inside the body. Antioxidant content of wild rocket can reduce the inflammation in the body which caused by microorganism infection or harmful susbtance which enetr the body.

Increase fluid intake

Wild rocket contains water and it can increase your fluid intake in the body especially during the hot day. This type of vegetable can soothe your stomach and make you feel rehydrate after doing any activity.

Prevent anemia

Wild rocket contains iron, a mineral which is vital in developing new red blood cells. Lack of iron can cause anemia and it can reduce productivity of a person. Anemia is a disorder which the body don’t get enough oxygen and nutrient transport since the body lack of red blood cells.

Prevent alzheimer

It is well known that wild rocket contains high level of antioxidant that can help to protect the brain from damage especially which caused by free radicals damage. Consuming wild rocket regularly can maintain stable brain function and prevent from alzheimer (brain disorder which people lost the memory, it is a sign of dementia) that usually occur in elderly age.

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