Emotional Intelligence Boosters

The following key competencies will help you to change behavior in ways that enhance your ability, to learn how to overcome stress in the moment, and in your relationships, to be able to remain emotionally aware.

1- Self-management

With the potential to control stress and stay emotionally present, you can learn how to receive upsetting information without letting it override your mind and self-control.
Emotions are essential as they lead you to make constructive choices about your behavior, take initiative, follow through on commitments, and adapt to changing situations.

2- Self-awareness

Having the ability to hook up with your emotions—having a moment-to-moment connection with your changing emotional experience—is the important thing to recognize how emotion affects your thoughts and actions.
In order to build your emotional intelligence—and end up healthy—you have to reconnect to your core emotions, accept them, and become comfortable with them. You can attain this through the practice of mindfulness.

3- Social awareness

It requires your presence in the moment. while lots of us pride ourselves on a potential to multitask, which means you’ll pass over the subtle emotional shifts taking place in other people that help you completely understand them.
If you’re able to read and recognize the power dynamics and shared emotional experiences of your people, then you are definitely empathetic and socially comfortable.

4- Relationship management Tips

– Resolving conflict in healthy constructive ways can improve trust between people. when conflict isn’t perceived as threatening or punishing, it fosters freedom, creativity, and safety in relationships.

– Laughter brings your nervous system into stability, decreasing stress, calming you down, sharpening your thoughts and making you more empathetic.
– Understanding the nonverbal messages that you send to others can play an important part in enhancing your relationships.

Briefly, you realize how to develop and preserve appropriate relationships, communicate clearly, encourage and have an effect on others, work properly in a team, and manage conflict.

You can read more about this topic, here. And you can even explore classes about it here.

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