How to recognize and deal with emotional exhaustion

When people experience emotional exhaustion, it may lead them to feel emotionally tired, overwhelmed, and fatigued. These emotions have a tendency to build up over a long period, though people won’t observe the early caution signs and symptoms.

1- What causes emotional exhaustion?

People who may believe they have got a lack of manage over their life or they may no longer be correctly balancing self-care with life’s needs. A few Examples that can triggers emotional exhaustion include:
a) Going through a significant life change, along with divorce or death of a loved one.
b) Experiencing financial stress.
c) Being homeless.
d) Juggling numerous matters at once, such as work, family, and school.
e) Working in an excessive-pressure environment.

2- Symptoms

Emotional exhaustion causes both physical and emotional effects that, in turn, can influence someone’s behavior. Such as:
a) Changing mood: people may initially observe that they are feeling more cynical or pessimistic than normal. They may lose their motivation to work, socialize, or perform easy duties.
b) Thinking difficulties: Cognitive changes can be particularly hard when someone is trying to juggle stressful situations, along with work -pressure or emotionally demanding responsibilities.
c) Sleeping problems: they feel physically fatigued and may have issue falling asleep or staying asleep at night. In any other case, they may oversleep in the morning.

3- Who is at risk for emotional exhaustion?

Those in demanding or stressful jobs are more likely to revel in emotional exhaustion and burnout than others.
a) Police officers, nurses, social employees, and teachers may also be more at risk than others.
b) Perfectionists are more likely to put themselves under immoderate stress through taking on more than they can comfortably control.
c) People without many close relationships may have fewer people with whom to share their emotions.
d) People who do not prioritize their own well-being may be more prone to emotional exhaustion.

You can read more about this topic, here. And you can even explore classes about it, here.

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