The same way to we exercise to keep our bodies healthy, we need to take care of our minds, to keep it clear and focused all the way! to this purpose Meditation is the keyword!

So let’s figure out together what its all about, how it works, and what are benefits of practicing Meditation.

Simply Meditation is an approach to train the mind, the same way we exercise to train our bodies, and of course it is very difficult for a beginner to reach the “empty mind” state, by sitting for hours and thinking of nothing! The easiest and most common approach to Meditation is to focus on the breath “Concentration”, as explained below:

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1- Concentration Meditation:

Where you try to get your mind to focus on one single thing; could be repeating a single word, or staring at a candle flame, its not only not easy to be able to focus, but it is very challenging indeed, so a beginner would only start meditating for few minutes and for longer duration later on.

2- Mindfulness Meditation:

It strongly encourages us to learn how to observe and be aware of our arising thoughts, not to interfere with them or judge them, but to simply be aware of each mental note as it happens to occur.

So what happens after I learn to be aware of my wandering thoughts in my mind?

You would actually be able to quickly and easily judge an experience or a situation whether it’s good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant.

Benefits of Meditation:

Meditation has proven itself to benefit our nervous system on the short term in terms of:

1- Lower blood pressure

2- Less Stress

3- Deeper relaxation

4- Less anxiety

5- Improve blood circulation

Those are counted as “short term” benefits of meditation, researchers are now exploring if a consistent meditation practice can result in long-term benefits to our brains and our immune system.

The ultimate benefit of Meditation in Buddhist philosophy, is liberation of the mind from getting attached to things it cannot control; as external circumstances for instance, maintaining a calm mind and a sense of inner harmony, is the real ultimate goal of Meditation.

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