Sometimes people have a smile on their face but are worn out from inside emotionally and mentally. If you are feeling this every morning, on your path to work, you are emotionally drained with your work. The emotional drain doesn’t allow one even to sleep properly, and that, in turn, affects you physically and mentally the next day, too. Here are signs you are emotionally drained at work and you need to take an action about it.

Negative Feelings

Since stress and anxiety sway you when you are emotionally drained, you are irritated and frustrated with the work, too. These feelings make you feel insecure even with things you previously felt secured with. Everything is taken in the wrong sense without due analysis and negative feelings about the job, tediousness, coworkers, and authorities are seen.

Nothing Helps

At least going home makes people happy since all their stress is left in the workplace as they start towards their home. But for people who are emotionally drained, going home or end of the day or sleeping helps them in improving their mood. Their anxiety and stress are taken home too.


Being emotionally drained, affects sleep, food, and all other lifestyle choices. Combined with this is the stress, that affects immune systems and makes the immune system less strong and more vulnerable to ailments.

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Lacking Motivation

The daily tasks are no more done with motivation and enthusiasm after you ate emotionally drained. It sinks you. The activities that interested you before aren’t interesting to you anymore. Picking a call or answering an email is done by forcing yourself. Nothing seems to help. The best version of you is lost. 100% input from your side in any work seems impossible. Neither rewards nor money boosts you. You are lost in a world from which getting out is seemingly endless.

Anxiety About the Job

Even after convincing yourself that you ought to go to work, and you go to the office, you are still anxious. A nervousness impairs your heart all the time. Symptoms like increased heartbeat and unnecessary thoughts take a huge toll on your health. You might have worked the day along, being successful in accomplishing your targets, yet it feels as if your work isn’t enough and you always need to work far better.

Not Interested with The Work

If you find the journey from your home to work is tedious, horrible and find different ways to avoid your job then it’s high time for you to know that you are being emotionally frustrated by your work.

Are you satisfied with your current job?

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