Understanding what motivates you to do what you do is important. If you suspect you’re a negative perfectionist, here are 6 behaviors that you may seek in yourself.


Do you make lots of plans, spread a lot of time trying to get organized, but never getting around to actually doing anything? This is a strange habit of perfectionists who have high goals for themselves and life but feel intimidated to step out and try since they can’t do it perfectly. Writers are notorious for brainstorming for a book, setting their plot, characters, and conflict, but then never sitting down and write the book.


Studies found that most successful people aren’t perfectionists. This is because perfectionism gets in the way of your creativity, productivity, and taking risks. When you’re a perfectionist, you fight many fears. Your fear of failure may stifle risk-taking, or fear of being humiliated will stop you from being independent.


As a perfectionist, you are concerned with what others think about you, so getting constructive feedback is really hard to accept. Even if it’s shared in a good way, it still feels like disapproval. You’ll feel defensive and ready to defend yourself. It makes sense since you have a strong desire to succeed, but it can be counterproductive because the feedback could help you become successful.

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If you’re a perfectionist, you may be an overachiever to the extreme. You may overcompensate out of fear of something going wrong. If you’re in leadership, you’ll micromanage people checking to see that everything is done perfectly and that all your standards are being met. This is difficult for the people you manage who may feel like you don’t trust their ability or judgment on the job.


As a perfectionist, your thinking can become distorted by your own perception of perfection. As a perfectionist, you may feel two simultaneous things: you’re a complete failure or a complete success. You have no middle ground. It’s an all-or-nothing view of life. That’s why you can win accommodation at your job for doing good work but still feel like a failure in your job. Perfectionists always feel like they should have done more.


Striving for perfection can result in body image problems. You may exercise to an extreme or have an eating disorder to stay thin. When you get compliments about how good you look, it feeds your perfectionism. You perceive that thinness and being physically fit the standard of perfection.
Are you a perfectionist?

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